Zombieville USA
General Information
Developer(s) Mika Mobile
Publisher(s) Mika Mobile
Game Engine
Platform(s) iOS/Android
Release Date February 15, 2009
Genre(s) Side-scroller
Age Rating 9+
Metacritic Rating

Zombieville USA is a side-scrolling shooter game starring a guy that has to kill zombies. It is available for iOS and Android.


Zombieville USA has two simple objectives: shoot zombies and stay alive. Your weapons and ammo are in short supply, so using them at the appropriate time is critical. As you progress through the levels, you can jump into houses that will supply you with cash and ammo, as well as keep you protected from the zombies. At the end of each level, you can use the cash to upgrade your weapons and replenish your health. An updated version lets you play music while playing!!


Zombieville USA has an extensive supply of weapons,with the upgraded versions their is a total of 15 weaponsto destroy zombies with.

Hand Guns

Average power, average firing speed.


Pistol Stage 1 Cost:$0 (starting weapon) Ammo Type:Pistol Bullets Starting Ammo:250 Bullets Your first weapon, weak but reliable


Pistol Stage 2 Cost:$500 Ammo Type:Pistol Bullets Dual action


Pistol Stage 3 Cost:$900 Ammo Type:Pistol Bullets Simple but powerful


High power, very slow. Short range only. Standard ShotgunEdit Shotgun Stage 1 Cost:$350 Ammo Type:Shotgun Shells Starting Ammo:50 Shells The good ol classic

Battle Shotgun

Shotgun Stage 2 Cost:$800 Ammo Type:Shotgun Shells Powerful shotgun

Infantry Shotgun

Shotgun Stage 3 Cost:$1350 Ammo Type:Shotgun Shells UTTER BEAST

Machine Guns

Rapid fire, low power. UziEdit Machine Gun Stage 1 Cost:$600 Ammo Type:Machine Gun Bullets Starting Ammo:100 Bullets Basic machine gun, it's okay.


Machine Gun Stage 2 Cost:$1000 Ammo Type:Machine Gun Bullets Kill zombies like a mobster.

Gattling Gun

Machine Gun Stage 3 Cost:$1400 Ammo Type:Machine Gun Bullets Blow your way through zombies from Florida to California.


Lots of power, hard to aim. Multiple enemy damage.


Launcher Stage 1 Cost:$1200 Ammo Type: Explosives Starting Ammo: 10 Rockets Simple bomb throwing.


Launcher Stage 2 Cost:$1800 Ammo Type:Explosives Boom.


Launcher Stage 3 Cost:$2600 Ammo Type: Explosives Ultimate wide range zombie desecration.

Special Weapons

Serious zombie killing machines, just for fun. Each also has a special power.


Special Stage 1 Cost:$1200 Ammo Type: Gasoline Starting Ammo: Special Power: While firing zombies can not hurt you, but will be cut by the blade. (this only counts for in front of you) Every zombie killer's fantasy.

Flame Thrower

Special Stage 2 Cost:$2200 Ammo Type: Gasoline Special Power:"Freezes" zombies allowing you to run past them or continue charring them until they die Burn, Burn!, BURN!

Death Ray

Special Stage 3 Cost:$3500 Ammo Type: Gasoline Special Power:"Freezes" zombies allowing you to run past them or continue charring them until they die

Extra Purchases

Health $150: Pistol bullets $900: Shotgun Shells $1350: Machine Shells$: Explosives $: Gasoline. $:


Your zombie attackers


Average speed, strength, and health


Very fast, average strength, low health


Very slow, strong, and high health



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