Zero Mech
Portrait of Zero Mech


Zero Mech


X-SC2 (Sword)
Omega Armor/XOS-7/Tempest (Armor)
The Fusion Helmet (Helm)


Blood Slave



"You have entered the chamber of your god. You have fulfilled your purpose. Return the blade and accept death as your reward."
―Zero Mech, confronting Siris.

Zero Mech is the last step in defeating the Deathless in Infinity Blade II.


Zero Mech appears to be a large robotic monster and is not technically a Deathless King, but is piloted by an immortal servant, Archarin.


To reach him you must first kill all of the Deathless' (excluding The God King). A large door in the center of the dungeon will unlock bit by bit as you defeat the Deathless. He waits in a lab filled with God King clones suspended in green stasis tubes. After the cutscene, the player can start the battle whenever they please. He is level 200 and is immune to different elements each time you fight him. He has a lot of health and his blade has a powerful drain attribute. After Zero Mech is defeated he is revealed to be your Ancestor in the same equipment as in the prologue, with the exception of a Claymourn sword. You then have to fight Archarin. There is no break between the fight between Zero Mech and the Ancestor, which means no Health Potions and no equipment switching. The Slave has 3600 health points and deals lesser damage than the Deathless Kings.

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