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Emotional Robots


Emotional Robots


Unreal Engine 3



Release Date

October 13th 2011


Action, First Person Shooter



Warm Gun is a First Person Shooter Developed and Published by Emotional Robots using the Unreal Engine 3. It is set to be released on 13th October 2011 for iOS. A PC version will follow.


There are several different classes in Warm Gun.

The Scout - Weapons: Quadbow, Arm Blades and Nailgun.

The Outlaw - Sniper Rifle, Deliverance Repeating Rifle and Pistol.

The Blacksmith - Beer Can Grenade, The Stampeder Heavy Assault Gun and Sledgehammer.

The Shaman - Scoped '47, Explosive Bottle and Cattle Prod.

The Preacher - Dual Pistols, Shotgun and Knife.

The 49'er - Shotgun, TNT and Pickaxe.


The game recieved mixed reviews from players and various websites. Many users have complained about Warm Gun being a multiplayer game and multiplayer mode not working properly. Reasons include crashing and freezing, something which Emotional Robots claimed they fixed via updates. The game recieved more negative reviews on iTunes because of the crashing, averaging 2/5 stars from user reviews.

Warm Gun recieved a 4/10 from Pocket Gamer, saying that "With wonky controls and lacking even the most basic of features, Warm Gun is a multiplayer-only FPS that should be left alone" and a 1/4 'Avoid' from Slide-to-Play.

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