Hello, iOS Gamers! I'm Gsguedes and I'm presenting new ideas to the page.

The first: update it all. The logo need to change - the actual is so... "iPhone 5". Retangularr The regular one

Quadraddo The one for the Monobook skin.

I'll make the same as Wookiepedia: recommend everybody to use the Monobook skin, because (i'm sorry, i have no reasons, i just love that skin) - and there will be some changes, because we're no longer on iOS 7 ("iOS 7 announced for Autumn 2013." is the latest "news" we have right here).

I'll change the language (sorry, english people) to the american english. It's not like "wow we have a huge change right here", but you will no longer read things like Autumn 2016 or even things like the character has to eat some biscuits. We'll use "fall" and "cookies". Really sorry.

We'll show people new content, new games, new things, and I hope it will take us to about 1k+ pages this wiki, QUALITY content.

I'll try to make MarioWiki, Pokémon Wiki, Nintendo Wiki our friends. That may be not that hard to do.

What do you think about my plans? Gsguedes (talk) 20:12, October 31, 2016 (UTC)

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