Mega Jump
General Information
Developer(s) Get Set Games
Publisher(s) Get Set Games
Game Engine
Version 16.0
Platform(s) iOS/Android
Release Date
Age Rating 4+
Metacritic Rating

Mega Jump is a very popular iPhone/iPod Touch/Android app that has over 16 million downloads worldwide. It first started off with Redford, the main character, but has evolved into a game of 18 characters. It does not have a storyline, but is meant to be addicting and fun.


As mentioned before, Mega Jump does not have too much of a storyline, but is meant to be addicting. A player progresses through the game by tilting their device to move the character based on the device's movement, while collecting objects, such as Coins, Stars, and Powerups. After a certain amount of elevation, the game states to the player that they are moving onto the next level, and to "Get Ready!" As the game progresses, the levels get harder and harder, with increasing enemies, and decreasing amount of positive objects and increasing amounts of negative objects.

On August 31st, 2011, an update was released, which contained the new "Magica" realm, naming the original 20 levels "Prima".


The success of Mega Jump has sparked the creation of subsequent entries in the "Mega" series. Mega Run: Redford's Adventure, originally thought to be the direct sequel to
Mega run title screen

Promotional image for Mega Run: Redford's Adventure.

Mega Jump, was announced early 2012 where Get Set Games was featured on CBC News. The founders of the game, brothers Nick and Matt Coombe are seen in the Get Set Games studio working on character models and beta testing the game. They are interviewed and discuss details on the game, and how it was originally sold for 0.99$ for a week. They did a promotion with partner site OpenFeint, which promoted their game for a weekend for free, significantly increasing their game's popularity. Mega Run: Redford's Adventure takes place directly after the events of Mega Jump, and features Redford setting off to save his kidnapped brother and sister.
Megarun intro 1

Bluto and Rosie in trouble.

Almost a year later, another direct sequel to Mega Jump, Mega Jump 2 was released.
Mega jump 2 logo

Mega Jump 2 logo.

Because of the vague nature of the Mega Jump games in terms of storyline, it is unclear which game is the "true" direct sequel to Mega Jump.