Answers to Level 1 of the Logo Quiz Game.

  • Two bulls charging at a yellow circle - Red Bull
  • L and V overlapped - Louis Vuitton
  • White mountain and wave on a red background - Quiksilver
  • C and a larger K - Calvin Klein
  • Silver Circle with a line through it - Nissan
  • Two silver triangles pointing upward - Citroen
  • Green circle containing a smaller black circle with a person in the middle - Starbucks
  • Pink 'B' - Barbie
  • 'M' in blue lines - IBM
  • Humanoid made from white circles - Michelin
  • Black tick - Nike
  • Two bracket like symbols facing inwards - Hewlett Packard
  • Blue cinema ticket - Blockbuster
  • Silver W with a V on top of it on a blue circular background - Volkswagen
  • Black C and o - Canon
  • Blue 'l' inside a blue circle - Intel
  • Black 'os' where the O appears to be missing a piece - Microsoft
  • Blue semi circle with two yellow semi circles inside - Burger King
  • Black circle with a blue and white circle inside - BMW
  • Blue square with four lines inside - Reebok
  • Blue cloud shape - Skype
  • Yellow 'M' on a red background - Macdonalds
  • Blue circle with a 'G' at the end - Samsung
  • Black 3D M - MTV
  • Mustached man with a red bow tie - Pringles
  • Blue 'K' followed by a pink 'r' - Flickr
  • Red hat shape with a green dot on it and a yellow line underneath - Pizza Hut
  • Red shape with two circular cutouts at the bottom - Levis
  • Red 'K' - Kellogs
  • Red 'e' and green 'Y' - eBay
  • 'N' with a line coming out of it - Nescafe
  • 'A' with an arrow underneath pointing right - Amazon
  • Blue bird silhouette - Twitter
  • Black 'L'O' - L'Oreal

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