Infinity Blade II
Infinityblade2 icon
The App Store icon for Infinity Blade II


Epic Games


Chair Games


Unreal Engine 3


1.4 (iOS)



Release Date

November 30th 2011


Action RPG



Infinity Blade II is the sequel to the most downloaded iOS Game, Infinity Blade. It was announced by Chair Games on October 10 2011, and was released on Wednesday 30th November 2011. It has been long awaited by fans of the series. The game includes a longer story line than the original, with more locations and more realistic environments. It is the fourth Unreal Engine Game to be released for iOS.

Hardware Requirements

Since its release, Infinity Blade II has recieved numerous complaints about not being compatible with older hardware which it claims to support, including it's incompatibility with the original iPad. An update was announced on December 2nd, due to the number of complaints and bad reviews the game was getting.

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