This article is about the iOS Game. For the Weapon used in the games, see Infinity Blade (Weapon).

Infinity Blade
Infinityblade icon
The App Store icon for Infinity Blade


Epic Games


Chair Games


Unreal Engine 3


1.4 (iOS)



Release Date

December 9th 2010


Action RPG



Infinity Blade is an iOS Game which was, upon it's release, one of the most downloaded games in the App Store. It was the first game ever to use the Unreal Engine on a handheld device.


The game begins with an interactive cutscene in which the player, a warrior called Siris, battles an evil soldier in a castle under command of The God King.

The idea of gameplay is that the player journeys through the same castle, and when killed by The God King, his descendants will then fight the same battle years later. Every new 'Bloodline', the player is slightly stronger. The game continues like this until the player is strong enough to defeat The God King.


The game recieved mainly positive reviews from gamers and online reviews. Pocket Gamer gave it a Gold Award and a 9/10 saying "Infinity Blade confirms what we've always known; great games are more than pretty graphics - they're about compelling gameplay too."

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