The God King, wearing the Helio Armor and Helio Helm

The Helio Armor is a set of silver-colored armor worn by The God King in the Infinity Blade Series. It was created using arcane metallurgical technologies.

Infinity Blade

In Infinity Blade, the Helio Armor can be bought in the store for 204,000 gold, adds +34 units of health and gives 5 points to dodging in Infinity Blade 2. It is the the fourth most powerful armor in the game, after the Night Armor, Omega Armor XOS-7, and Dark Omega XOS-7.

Infinity Blade II

This item is locked in Infinity Blade 2. It can be unlocked through opening chests (depending on rebirth level). It is currently the sixth most powerful armor, before Titan Mail, Night Armor, Seratic Armor, Aegis Armor and Omega Armor XOS-7.

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