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Portable Pixels


2.01 (iOS)


iOS, Android

Release Date

January 12 2012





Hatchi is a Tamagotchi-style simulation game by Portable Pixels. You create a virtual pet which you must feed, clean and entertain in various different ways. It was released on January 12th 2012 for all iOS devices.


You must feed, clean, entertain and take care of your Hatchi pet. First of all, the player names the pet, which is then displayed underneath the Hatchi. An egg will appear, which when tapped a few times, will turn into the creature. The player can feed the pet foods such as apples, ice cream and pizza or entertain it with sports or books. Sometimes you will need to wash your Hatchi, indicated by the screen. A skull appearing next to your pet means that it is ill, and that you can cure it by pressing the '+' button.

How you take care of your Hatchi will determine what it looks like when it grows older. Hatchis grow every 2 days. The stages they grow in are child, teenager and adult. The pet will look different when it grows. There are many different 'evolutions' that can be unlocked by taking care of your Hatchi in different ways.