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Best iOS Horror Games 2016 & 2017 - Horror Games Iphone.

Merendam 2: Diary of two shaman sisters - take the girl through a gloomy city abandoned by people and inhabited by evil ghosts. Help the hero find the lost sister.

Mental hospital 5 - get through horrible rooms of the abandoned mental hospital and its surroundings. Get ready to face paranormal phenomena.

Horror hospital 2 - explore the territory of a gloomy mental clinic together with a young girl. Help the hero overcome nightmares and rescue from other world horror.

Clown outbreak - help a girl survive in a scary night park where a murdeder dressed as a clown walks looking for his victims. Find the way to escape!

Five nights at Freddy's: Sister location - try to survive during 5 night shifts in the amusement park where scary animatronics are walking around.

The final take - take a girl through gloomy rooms of the abandoned building. Use a flashlight and a camera to walk in the darkness.

Bulb Boy - help a boy rescue his relatives from powers of evil which seized their house. Take a little hero through the rooms full of horrible monsters.

Nights at cube pizzeria 3D 4 - try to survive during the nights at pizzeria where deadly dangerous cubic robots are walking around. Don't let the monsters approach you!

The fear: Creepy scream house - help the hero escape from a revengeful spirit of his former wife chasing him. Take the hero across numerous rooms of a gloomy house.

The dolls: Reborn - try to survive during the night shift at the toy factory. Watch the surroundings very carefully, and close the doors in front of monsters.

The asylum: Closed ward - help a child escape from a horrible mental clinic. Take the character across gloomy corridors and other rooms of the clinic.

Stay with us - help the hero escape from the ghosts of the past who follow him everywhere. Take the character across an old graveyard escaping from evil spirits and revengeful ghosts.

Hotel Insanity - get throught the long corridors of a hotel enshrouded in darkness. Avoid traps on your way. Escape from crazy murderers hunting you.

Escape from the Slender man - escape from Slender man and hide on the attic of an old house. Find the objects which will help you escape. You can do this with the help of security cameras.

Tumbal: The dark offering - take a girl across the rooms of a gloomy mansion and other mysterious locations covered with darkness. Find the way to freedom.

Resident evil 5 - Go to Africa together with agents and stop the spread of biological weapons turning people into aggressive monsters.

Infested 2: Escape horror game - help a character get rid of his own fears and nightmares. Take him across a gloomy house and scary forest. Avoid dangers.

Paranormal territory - is a new horror genre game which will rattle your nerves in a special way. Plunge into scary atmosphere of a story which will strike you!

Hills legend - get through gloomy underground rooms of the abandoned mental clinic. Try to find a safe route leading outside.

Strange autumn - explore an abandoned castle and the surrounding land. Go through gloomy corridors, take a look in scary labs, and avoid monsters.

Mind protection - help the hero defeat his internal demons. Guide the hero through depths of his consciousness full of horrific monsters.

Hospital nightmares - explore gloomy rooms of an abandoned hospital looking for a way out. Try to find out all of the secrets and escape alive.

The room 51 - try to escape to freedom from a strange building. Beware of horrific mutants and other nightmarish creatures roaming its gloomy corridors.

La herencia - go through gloomy rooms and long corridors of an old mansion. Beware of horrific monsters and collect different objects.

Unnamed - try to survive and escape from a gloomy house. Carefully go through dark mazes of corridors and locked rooms.

The child of Slendrina - go through winding corridors, basements, and other rooms of Slenderina's house looking for answers to your questions. Beware of monsters.

Horror hospital 3D - guide the hero through dark rooms of a hospital and surrounding area. Light your way using your phone.

P.K. Paranormal investigation - explore gloomy rooms of an abandoned hospital. Banish evil ghosts that want to ham people. Paranormal asylum - explore rooms of an abandoned mental hospital where once a horrible crime happened.

The dark: Back to black - explore dark rooms looking for hidden discs with data. Beware of the eerie woman who tries to kill you.

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Best iOS Horror Games 2016 & 2017 - Horror Games Iphone

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