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Eden World Builder is a block-based building game for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch[1] where you can build amazing worlds and share them. This game was created by an Ari Ronen, and now by Kingly Software Inc, better known as Kingly Games. It has become a very popular amongst iOS users, and since its release, has risen to the top 50 of the App Stores charts.


In the game, the player controls an Avatar, that can roam two different world's (Normal or Flat). The player can move around with a joystick, and pan by swiping any section of the screen. When beginning the game, after the player chooses a world to create, the will enter a generated map/world made of blocks, which can be destroyed using TNT or via pickaxe. The user can then build buildings, artwork, creations, objects, structures, vehicles, roller coasters and anything else that can be thought of.