Dead Trigger is a first-person shooter action game developed by Madfinger Games. It was announced June 2nd, and released the 28th. It is the 7th game developed by Madfinger a.s for iOS devices. it runs on Tegra 3 engine, and is powered by Unity. It chronicles the journey of a Hero, who survives a zombie outbreak, and finds sanctuary in New Hope.


Dead Trigger gameplay is first and foremost, a first person shooter. The game has standard controls, a virtual joystick, tap to shoot/reload, and the pause button. The player takes control of an unnamed person, and begins in a series of tunnels, which are filled with Zombies, which are the main antagonists of the game. There are objectives the player can perform. During -, the player must retrieve a set number of "resources", and bring them back to a van. In -, the player must kill a set number of zombies in order to complete the mission. For -, the player is given a time limit which they must survive in order to recieve money and special rewards. Lastly, in -, the player has to guard one or two entrances in order to pass the mission.