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iOS, Android, DSiWare


1.9 (iOS) 1.4 (Android)

Release Date

October 4, 2010





Cut the Rope is a Physics Based iOS Game where the goal is to get the coloured candy to "Om Nom", the creature. You must cut different ropes to try and get the candy to him while collecting all three of the stars. Levels can be completed without collecting all of the stars, but the player will get a lower score.


Cut the Rope was developed and released in 2010 by Chillingo, while it was developed by ZeptoLab. It was first released onto the App Store. A free/lite version was released later on, containing only a few levels. For the iPad, a native HD version was released on the 6th of October, and a Lite companion later on as well. The game had grown rapidly amongst the iOS community, becoming one of the most popular games available at the time, rising rapidly on the App Store charts. within 2 weeks, the game received over 1 million downloads, within 3 months, it reached 3 million. An Android version was released in 2011, and a DSi Ware port on September. A PC version became available for Windows 8 Preview for free. It has undergone various updates, adding new "Boxes", bug fixes, etc.


The primary objective is to get a piece of candy to Om Nom, a small green monster. The candy can be transported a numerous amount of ways, via string, bubbles, air, Magicians Hats, gravity, etc. The string can be "cut" by swiping a finger across, which usually causes a domino effect, which causes it to fall down endlessly, or creatively into Om Noms' mouth. Boxes introduce new methods to get Om Nom candy. They can be unlocked by reaching a certain amount of stars, which the player obtains if they catch them all during a level, by swinging the candy towards them using various methods. Obstacles that prevent the player from either passing the level, or getting the stars include spiders, spikes, and failing to estimate a landing, which causes it to fall off screen, which On Nom responds to by making a sad face. Other objectives include pictures, which can be found throughout the levels.

HD Version

An HD version became available for the iPad on October 6th, later optimized for the iPad 2, and the new iPad. It was also released with a Lite version.