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Alan Probe:Amateur Surgeon
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Relase Date

Febuary 9 2011


Adult Swim Games

Alan Probe: Amateur Surgeon is a hit game published by Adult Swim Games. It was released on February 9th 2011 for all iOS Platforms.


Alan Probe inspiring to be a surgeon is driving a pizza truck to deliver pizza and reading a book about surgery at the same time. He ends up hitting someone with his pizza truck and has to do surgery on him. Consequently he becomes a surgeon.


Gameplay in Alan Probe: Amateur Surgeon, you performing surgery on people such has healing wounds, taking glass out of skin, and fixing broken bones. You use surgery tools that are not really proven for surgery like a pocket lighter, stapler and pizza cutter. The game gets more harder as you progress.


ReviewsOnTheRun gave it a 8.5, while IGN gave it a 8.0.