A.I.R Defense is an iPad strategy/tower defense game,In which you draw lines to defend your base from enimies. The lines send your planes, fighter jets, tanks, and helicopters to defend against the enemies


First you set up your base with an aircraft. Then you draw a line to send the aircraft or tank into the enemies. If the aircraft do not have their health gone they will go back to your base ready to attack again. You can also chain your attacks with the enimies. The further you go in the game the harder the enimies get. To get the aircraft to the enimies you simply draw a virtual line on the iPad.


Ben Silverman from ReviewsOnTheRun gave it a 6.0 out of 10 saying that it was "So frantic and so chaotic." Jose Sanchez from ReviewsOnTheRun gave it a 7.0 saying "If you're into flight control games and you want a little tower defence mixed in with that, A.I.R. Defense will be right up your alley." The average ReviewsOnTheRun score for this game was a 6.5 out of 10.